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Pilates First is a team of skilled teachers who are here to offer you the best support and create an optimum experience to integrate into your own life.

Denyse Weiser

Denyse Weiser

Pilates & KMI Structural Integration

Denyse trained in classical dance and has always maintained a keen interest in the balance of the body- what moves- and more importantly what doesn't move and why?!

She qualified as a Body Control Pilates® Teacher in 2000 and since then has been involved in many educational workshops with world renown teachers. In doing so she discovered a manual manipulation skill called Structural Integration, and decided to become a practitioner. She was taught by Tom Myers at his school of KMI.

Denyse is now one of the few qualified Structural Integrators in the UK, but the numbers of practitioners are growing. Currently Denyse is attending the Barral Institute study courses to increase her skills base to include visceral work.

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Steph Hammond

Pilates/Release, Rehab & Mobilise/Functional Strength Teacher

Steph was introduced to Pilates almost 18 years ago after a serious back injury left her in severe pain. Always sporty, she decided to turn her passion into a career almost 4 years ago, training as a Fitness Instructor. Keen to progress to the next level, she embarked on her Pilates teacher training in 2017 with STOTT® Pilates in London.

Steph is fascinated by the body, the way it moves and how Pilates can support injury recovery and postural issues. Aiming to tailor classes to accommodate the needs and ability of each individual, she draws on the anatomical knowledge she's gained through her training and personal study. She is also trained in pre and post natal exercise.

"I hope building on my own experience in overcoming adversity will inspire other people to do the same. I am still working on my body and continually learning and developing, so I can be the best I can in my teaching."


Stuart McCabe

Owner/Pilates/Yoga/Release, Rehab & Mobilise/Functional Strength Teacher

Stuart started teaching Tai Chi in 1999 and qualified as a personal trainer in 2009. He is inspired by what the human body is capable of; whether a competition body builder, a novice runner training for their first 10k or an 85 year old giving it their all in Tai Chi. Stuart brings his passion for movement and the body to his teaching. “I believe that everyone has the ability to be more than they think they are. It's a great feeling to help people harness their potential and see the results.” Stuart divides him time between running Pilates First, akarmalife studios and the Diet Busters programme with Steph.


Olena Baker

Yoga Teacher

Olena stumbled across meditation and yoga in her late teens. Teaching since 2011, she gains new qualifications every year and is a course leader on a yoga teacher training programme in London. A philosophy for life, “Yoga enables people to develop a deep connection to what it is to live in this physical body with greater ease and joy.” Olena brings encouragement, empathy and humour to her classes.



Rachel Rookwood

Yoga Teacher

After working in a corporate job for 10 years, Rachel decided to follow her dreams and retrain as a yoga teacher completing. She completed her 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in Bali last year. "I love seeing how yoga has an all encompassing affect on the physical and mental health of the body and mind.”


Lynnette Moodey

Tai Chi and Yin Yoga Teacher

Lynnette began her training in Tai Chi Lam style, joining Stuart in 2011 and switching to Yang. As her interest in the human body grew she immersed herself in study and achieved distinction in an anatomy, physiology and pathology diploma and Tui Na masters. Lynnette adores teaching Tai Chi, “Each individual's journey is precious to me. It's amazing to watch people progress in the forms and develop a greater understanding of their own body.” Lynnette is also a talented artist and you can see her paintings at akarmalife. Unique to Lynnette is her South African accent and a soft, yin presence.


Angela Davey

Yoga Teacher

Angela has been practising yoga for over 20 years. This September she qualified as a British Wheel Yoga teacher having done the 500 hour 3 year Diploma with Paul Fox. She is also a fully qualified school teacher and currently work supporting families with children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. 

" I have 2 children of 21 and 24 years, a husband and a mad hypersensitive cat. I love yoga, gardening, yoga, walking, yoga, and more yoga! I love the sense of balance and mindfullness that yoga can bring, regardless of age, level or ability. Through the correct union of asanas (postures), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation there really is something for everybody to gain." 

Lorraine Paul

Pilates Teacher - Cover

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