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Pilates First is a team of skilled teachers who are here to offer you the best support and create an optimum experience to integrate into your own life.

Denyse Weiser


Pilates & KMI Structural Integration

Denyse trained in classical dance and has always maintained a keen interest in the balance of the body- what moves- and more importantly what doesn't move and why?!

She qualified as a Body Control Pilates® Teacher in 2000 and since then has been involved in many educational workshops with world renown teachers. In doing so she discovered a manual manipulation skill called Structural Integration, and decided to become a practitioner. She was taught by Tom Myers at his school of KMI.

Denyse is now one of the few qualified Structural Integrators in the UK, but the numbers of practitioners are growing. Currently Denyse is attending the Barral Institute study courses to increase her skills base to include visceral work.

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Steph Hammond


Steph was introduced to Pilates almost 18 years ago after a serious back injury left her in severe pain. Always sporty, she decided to turn her passion into a career 3 years ago, training as a Fitness Instructor. Keen to progress to the next level, she embarked on her Pilates teacher training in 2017 with the internationally renowned STOTT Pilates.

Steph is fascinated by the body, the way it moves and how Pilates can support injury recovery. She also has a special interest in pre and post natal exercise. Aiming to tailor classes to accommodate the needs and ability of each individual, she draws on the anatomical knowledge she's gained through her training and personal study.

"I hope building on my own experience in overcoming adversity will inspire other people to do the same. I am still working on my body and continually learning and developing, so I can be the best I can in my teaching."


Flavia Di Tomassi


Flavia studied Pilates for over two years and qualified as mat work instructor with Future Fit in May 2015. She teaches Pilates and other fitness classes at a number of centres and offers a solid and challenging class that has all of the principles and benefits of the Pilates method. Flavia is currently studying towards a Pilates Reformer qualification.

“I love training, learning and improving my Pilates teaching and practicing skills. Teaching Pilates is a constant, two way learning opportunity with the people in front of me. And it's a moment out of their daily life to focus on their own bodies - all bodies, regardless of shape, size or fitness level."